AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Simplify validate() and configure() for YUV/RGB streamsHEADmasterNaushir Patuck
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Change default stream formatsNaushir Patuck
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Simplify validate() and configure() for RAW streamsNaushir Patuck
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Add some helpers to PipelineHandlerBaseNaushir Patuck
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Cache rawStreams and outStreamsNaushir Patuck
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Make isRaw/isYuv/isRgb static functionsNaushir Patuck
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Fix wrong comment indentationJacopo Mondi
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Allow platformValidate() to adjust format stridesNaushir Patuck
7 dayslibcamera: rpi: Handle SensorConfigurationJacopo Mondi
7 dayslibcamera: camera_sensor: Support SensorConfigurationJacopo Mondi
7 dayslibcamera: camera: Introduce SensorConfigurationJacopo Mondi
7 daysDocumentation: Introduce Camera Sensor ModelJacopo Mondi
9 dayspipeline: rpi: Reset the frame lengths queue during configureNaushir Patuck
9 daysipa: rpi: Fix frame count logic when running algorithmsNaushir Patuck
9 dayslibcamera: formats: Fix typo in YV444 V4L2PixelFormat listingNaushir Patuck
13 daysmeson: Simplify check for _FORTIFY_SOURCELaurent Pinchart
13 daysandroid: camera_device: Fix requestedStream handlingHarvey Yang
2023-09-19meson: Don't set _FORTIFY_SOURCE for ChromeOSGeorge Burgess IV
2023-09-16ipa: rpi: Fix segfault when parsing invalid json fileNaushir Patuck
2023-09-16ipa: rpi: agc: Use channel constraints in the AGC algorithmDavid Plowman
2023-09-16ipa: rpi: agc: Add AgcChannelConstraint classDavid Plowman
2023-09-16ipa: rpi: agc: Implementation of multi-channel AGCDavid Plowman
2023-09-16ipa: rpi: agc: Reorganise code for multi-channel AGCDavid Plowman
2023-09-16ipa: rpi: histogram: Add interBinMean()Naushir Patuck
2023-09-15README.rst: Drop recommendation to install meson using pip3Laurent Pinchart
2023-09-04ipa: rpi: vc4: Make the StatisticsPtr construction clearerDavid Plowman
2023-09-04ipa: rpi: agc: Split AgcStatus into AgcStatus and AgcPrepareStatusDavid Plowman
2023-09-04ipa: rpi: agc: Filter exposures before dealing with digital gainDavid Plowman
2023-09-04ipa: rpi: agc: Fetch AWB status in process method, not prepareDavid Plowman
2023-09-04pipeline: rpi: Simplify buffer id generationNaushir Patuck
2023-09-04pipeline: rpi: Rename RPi::Stream::setExternalBuffer()Naushir Patuck
2023-09-04pipeline: rpi: Remove additional external dma buf handling logicNaushir Patuck
2023-09-04pipeline: rpi: Increase buffer import count to 32Naushir Patuck
2023-08-29libcamera: stream: Document stride will be 0 for compressed formatsUmang Jain
2023-08-29ipa: rpi: imx290: Hide one frame on startupNaushir Patuck
2023-08-02libcamera: Remove duplicated SortIncludes in `.clang-format`Harvey Yang
2023-07-31Documentation: theme: Fix compilation with Sphinx >= 7.0.0Laurent Pinchart
2023-07-31pipeline: rpi: Don't call toV4L2DeviceFormat() from validate()Naushir Patuck
2023-07-28meson: Correctly locate libc++Laurent Pinchart
2023-07-28utils: Extract title and trailers with one commandLaurent Pinchart
2023-07-28libcamera: yaml: Increase the YAML parser limitNaushir Patuck
2023-07-28ipa: rpi: Fix the reporting of Focus FoMsDavid Plowman
2023-07-28utils: raspberrypi: ctt: Code tidyingBen Benson
2023-07-28ipa: rpi: vc4: data: Updated color matrices for RPi CamerasBen Benson
2023-07-28utils: raspberrypi: ctt: Improved color matrix fittingBen Benson
2023-07-25ipa: rpi: common: Handle AEC/AGC flicker controlsDavid Plowman
2023-07-25libcamera: controls: Add controls for AEC/AGC flicker avoidanceDavid Plowman
2023-07-24libcamera: rpi: pipeline_base: Cache sensor formatJacopo Mondi
2023-07-24libcamera: rpi: pipeline_base: Move findBestFormat to CameraDataJacopo Mondi
2023-07-24libcamera: rpi: pipeline_base: Remove populateSensorFormats()Jacopo Mondi