AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysipa: rkisp1: Add support of Black Level Correction tuningHEADmasterFlorian Sylvestre
2 daysipa: rkisp1: Add OV5640 tuning fileFlorian Sylvestre
2 daysipa: rkisp1: Add IMX219 tuning fileLaurent Pinchart
2 daysipa: rkisp1: Add YAML tuning file supportFlorian Sylvestre
2 daysipa: rkisp1: Register algorithmsLaurent Pinchart
2 dayspipeline: rkisp1: Support IPA tuning fileFlorian Sylvestre
2 daysipa: libipa: module: Make the Module class LoggableLaurent Pinchart
2 daysipa: libipa: module: Add support for instantiation from YAMLLaurent Pinchart
2 daysipa: libipa: algorithm: Add init() function to the Algorithm classFlorian Sylvestre
2 daysipa: libipa: algorithm: Add an algorithm registration mechanismLaurent Pinchart
2 daysipa: libipa: Move ipa namespace documentation to module.cppLaurent Pinchart
2 daysipa: libipa: Introduce a Module class templateLaurent Pinchart
2 dayspipeline: raspberrypi: Advertise ScalerCrop from the pipeline handlerNaushir Patuck
2 dayspipeline: ipa: raspberrypi: Correctly report available control limitsNaushir Patuck
2 dayspipeline: ipa: raspberrypi: Move ControlInfoMap to the IPANaushir Patuck
2 daysipa: raspberrypi: Use std::optional in DeviceStatusNaushir Patuck
2 daysipa: raspberrypi: imx477: Get sensor temperature from embedded dataNaushir Patuck
2 daysipa: raspberrypi: Add sensor temperature to DeviceStatusNaushir Patuck
2 dayslibcamera: controls: Add SensorTemperature controlNaushir Patuck
4 dayslibcamera: v4l2_videodevice: Identify non-zero stream startsKieran Bingham
4 daysREADME: Add some extra optional dependencies for cam sinksEric Curtin
8 daysmeson: options: Disable pycamera by defaultJavier Martinez Canillas
9 daysREADME: Add short testing instructions with camLaurent Pinchart
9 daysDocumentation: Fix length of title underlinesLaurent Pinchart
11 daysDocumentation: Use language 'en' for Sphinx 5.0.0Jacopo Mondi
11 dayscam: kms_sink: Remove limitation that camera and display must matchEric Curtin
11 dayslibcamera: yaml_parser: Add get() specializations for 16-bit integersLaurent Pinchart
11 dayslibcamera: yaml_parser: Fix range checks for 32-bit integersLaurent Pinchart
11 dayslibcamera: yaml_parser: Remove memberNames() functionLaurent Pinchart
11 daysandroid: Use the YamlObject iterator APILaurent Pinchart
11 daystest: yaml_parser: Extend tests to cover the iterator APILaurent Pinchart
11 dayslibcamera: yaml_parser: Add iterator APILaurent Pinchart
11 dayslibcamera: yaml_parser: Use std::is_same_v<>Laurent Pinchart
13 dayscam: drm: Support /dev/dri cards other than 0Eric Curtin
13 daysipa: ipu3: awb: Correct the gains calculationJean-Michel Hautbois
2022-06-17Documentation: Update the "Start an event loop" sectionDaniel Semkowicz
2022-06-17Documentation: Update code examples to use the Request::reuse() methodDaniel Semkowicz
2022-06-17Documentation: Add the missing const to the example codeDaniel Semkowicz
2022-06-17Documentation: Fix createRequest unique_ptrTommaso Merciai
2022-06-16libcamera: pipeline: simple: Support scaling on the sensorLaurent Pinchart
2022-06-16libcamera: pipeline: simple: Store sensor resolution in configurationLaurent Pinchart
2022-06-16libcamera: pipeline: simple: Factor out format test to separate functionLaurent Pinchart
2022-06-16libcamera: pipeline: simple: Document the pipeline traversal algorithmLaurent Pinchart
2022-06-16libcamera: pipeline: simple: Improve debug message on config failureLaurent Pinchart
2022-06-16test: yaml-parser: Use write() instead of fwrite()Laurent Pinchart
2022-06-16libcamera: yaml_parser: Switch from FILE to FileLaurent Pinchart
2022-06-16libcamera: yaml_parser: Extend YamlObject::size() to dictionariesLaurent Pinchart
2022-06-16libcamera: yaml_object: Turn Type into an enum classLaurent Pinchart
2022-06-10android: camera_device: Print the correct number of completed streamsJacopo Mondi
2022-06-10android: camera_device: Use YUV post-processorHirokazu Honda