AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-12test: gstreamer: gstreamer_test: Remove redundant wordRishikesh Donadkar
2022-09-12test: gstreamer: Fix failure of gstreamer_multistream_testVedant Paranjape
2022-09-12gstreamer: Check gstreamer version before using newer macrosVedant Paranjape
2022-07-04gstreamer: Use gst_task_resume() when availableLaurent Pinchart
2022-04-02Documentation: guides: introduction: Fix spelling errorsKunal Agarwal
2022-01-21v4l2: V4L2CameraProxy: Add support for PREPARE_BUF as one of the supported ioctlVedant Paranjape
2022-01-14v4l2: v4l2_camera_proxy: Zero flags in VIDIOC_REQBUFSLaurent Pinchart
2022-01-08v4l2: v4l2_camera_proxy: Add EXPBUF as one of the supported ioctlVedant Paranjape
2021-10-04test: gstreamer: Remove unnecessary header file includesVedant Paranjape
2021-09-28gstreamer: Fix spelling of the work manager used in a util functionVedant Paranjape
2021-09-24test: gstreamer: Add a test for gstreamer multi streamVedant Paranjape
2021-09-23test: gstreamer: Simplify elements' ownershipsVedant Paranjape
2021-09-23test: gstreamer: Simplify single stream test using functions from GstUtilsVedant Paranjape
2021-09-23test: gstreamer_single_stream_test: Fix memory leakVedant Paranjape
2021-09-22gstreamer: Convert cm_singleton_ptr to static variableVedant Paranjape
2021-09-09test: gstreamer: Fix the destructor of GstreamerTest base classVedant Paranjape
2021-09-08test: gstreamer: Factor out code into a base classVedant Paranjape
2021-08-26test: gstreamer: Disable gstreamer registry forksVedant Paranjape
2021-08-26test: gstreamer: Clean up memory managementVedant Paranjape
2021-08-14test: gstreamer: Add test for gstreamer single streamVedant Paranjape
2021-08-05gstreamer: Update format specifier in Request Pad templateVedant Paranjape
2021-07-28gstreamer: Store group_id in GstLibcameraSrcStateVedant Paranjape
2021-07-16libcamera: Add pixel format BGRX8888Vedant Paranjape
2021-07-16libcamera: Fix the V4L2 pixel format for formats::XBGR8888Vedant Paranjape
2021-06-25gstreamer: Added virtual functions needed to support request padsVedant Paranjape
2021-06-23libcamera: Add OV5647 sensor propertiesVedant Paranjape
2021-06-07gstreamer: Add error checking in gst_libcamera_src_task_enter()Vedant Paranjape
2021-04-05Add alternative meson install commandVedant Paranjape