tag namev0.1.0 (9e3a83c03bab65b745eea2482be78077b409a2b5)
tag date2023-07-16 12:46:40 +0100
tagged byKieran Bingham <>
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libcamera v0.1.0
ABI Compliance: abi-compliance-checker reports 99% binary compatibility and 81.4% source compatibilty between version 0.0.5 and 0.1. - Binary compatibility: 99% - Source compatibility: 81.4% - Total binary compatibility problems: 4, warnings: 2 - Total source compatibility problems: 165, warnings: 7 Now that we have funtional ABI validation, the soname has been updated from to Future releases will now maintain the same soname until an ABI breakage is detected to reduce the repackaging and rebuilding of other components that may use libcamera. The abi-compatibility report can now be generated with the new utility './utils/'. Key differences here are due to preventing the installation of internal and private headers in the packaging process, and most of this API compatibility should not be visible to applications with the exception of: - Camera::generateConfiguration ( StreamRoles const& roles ) The StreamRoles type definition has been removed. This is now handled as a Span<StreamRole> to prevent unnecessary allocations and copies. - CameraManager::addCamera ( std::shared_ptr<struct Camera> camera, std::vector<unsigned long>const& devnums ) - CameraManager::get ( dev_t devnum ) - CameraManager::removeCamera ( std::shared_ptr<struct Camera> camera ) These functions of the CameraManager were for use exclusively by the V4L2 adaptation layer, and not intended for use by applications. This has now been reworked to use the new SystemDevices and the redundant functions removed. The ABI/API breakages have been introduced by: 5ca0c9276f28 ("libcamera: CameraManager: Remove ::get(dev_t)") 26a4b83d1b94 ("libcamera: Remove `StreamRoles` alias") 63966ae587d7 ("libcamera: base: Do not install private headers") Core: - libcamera: v4l2_videodevice: Use O_CLOEXEC when exporting DMA buffers - libcamera: ipa_manager: Allow IPA loading in nested subdirs - meson: Fix usage of overwritten pipeline variable - subprojects: Drop leftovers of pybind11 - camera_sensor: ipa: core: Add CFA pattern to IPACameraSensorInfo - libcamera: controls: Define a default lens position behaviour - libcamera: internal: request: convert to pragma once - libcamera: camera_manager: Move private implementation to internal - libcamera: camera_manager: Move {add,remove}Camera to internal - libcamera: properties: Provide a Devices camera property - libcamera: pipeline: Register device numbers with camera - libcamera: camera_sensor: Adjust properties::Rotation - libcamera: meson: Allow PH to change libcamera_deps - libcamera: base: Move thread_annotations to private - libcamera: base: Do not install private headers - utils: ABI Compatibility checker - meson: Use x.y soname versioning - libcamera: camera: Take span of StreamRole instead of vector - libcamera: Remove `StreamRoles` alias - utils: Fix the script to work with recent media-ctl versions - Documentation: Add predefined macros from config.h to Doxyfile - utils: checkstyle: Add __repr__ method to CommitFile class - utils: checkstyle: Support running checkers selectively - utils: checkstyle: Don't include commit ID in commit title - utils: checkstyle: Add trailers checker - tests: gstreamer: Test cameras' enumeration from GstDeviceProvider - meson: Fix space around colon issues - libcamera: Add option to configure udev support - libcamera: CameraManager: Remove ::get(dev_t) - tests: gstreamer: Fix compiler error with gcc 8.4.0 ipa: - meson: ipa: Add mapping for pipeline handler to mojom interface file - libcamera: ipa: Remove character restriction on the IPA name - ipa: meson: Allow nested IPA directory structures - ipa: raspberrypi: Introduce IpaBase class - ipa: raspberrypi: agc: Move weights out of AGC - ipa: rkisp1: agc: drop hard-coded analogue gain range - libipa: camera_sensor_helper: Add IMX327 helper - pipeline: rpi: ipa_base: Parse config files after platformRegister() - libcamera: camera_sensor: Add Sony IMX327 sensor properties - ipa: rpi: imx296: Small refinements to the IMX296 mono sensor tuning - ipa: rpi: Handle controls for mono variant sensors - libcamera: controls: Drop reference to IPA in controls documentation - libipa: camera_sensor_helper: Restore alphabetical order - ipa: ipu3: agc: Drop hard-codec analogue gain max - ipa: rkisp1: agc: Restore minimum analogue gain limit - pipeline: ipa: rpi: Return lens controls from ipa->configure() - ipa: rpi: Set lens position to hyperfocal on startup - ipa: rpi: tunings: Add missing short and long exposure profiles - ipa: rpi: agc: Use std::string instead of char arrays - ipa: rpi: agc: Gracefully handle missing agc modes - ipa: rpi: agc: Do not switch to a default if a mode is unavailable - ipa: rpi: imx708: Fix mode switch drop frame count - ipa: rpi: imx296_mono: Disable all colour shading pipeline: - libcamera: pipeline: simple: Add support for ST's DCMIPP - pipeline: meson: Allow nested pipeline handler directory structures - pipeline: ipa: raspberrypi: Refactor and move the Raspberry Pi code - pipeline: raspberrypi: rpi_stream: Set invalid buffer to id == 0 - pipeline: ipa: raspberrypi: Restructure the IPA mojom interface - pipeline: raspberrypi: Make RPi::Stream::name() return const std::string & - pipeline: raspberrypi: Introduce PipelineHandlerBase class - pipeline: raspberrypi: Add stream flags to RPi::Stream - libcamera: rkisp1: Generate config using main path - libcamera: rkisp1: Crop on ISP before downscaling - libcamera: rkisp1: Assign sizes to roles - libcamera: rkisp1: Fix enumeration of RAW formats - pipeline: rpi: Do not return an error from pipeline config file handling - libcamera: pipeline: simple: Support TI CSI-RX - pipeline: rpi: Account for Bayer packing when validating format apps: - apps: qcam: Remove redundant check - v4l2: Move the v4l2 compat layer to libexec/libcamera - android: mm: generic: use GRALLOC_HARDWARE_MODULE_ID - android: mm: Stub libhardware for build tests - py: Fix CameraManager.version property - py: Move ColorSpace and Transform classes to separate files - py: Use exceptions instead of returning error codes - py: Add weakref helpers and use del - py: Move to mainline pybind11 version - py: Fix code formatting - py: Fix type checker warnings - gstreamer: Add enable_auto_focus option to the GStreamer plugin - gstreamer: Drop libcamera_private dependency - apps: Add ipa-verify application - v4l2: v4l2_camera_proxy: Prevent ioctl sign-extensions - v4l2: Use SystemDevices properties to identify cameras Signed-off-by: Kieran Bingham <> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQJUBAABCgA+FiEEkC3XmD+9KP3jctR6oR5GchCkYf0FAmSz2KAgHGtpZXJhbi5i aW5naGFtQGlkZWFzb25ib2FyZC5jb20ACgkQoR5GchCkYf3pwg//eNcbeb5SeWfH CexME0ZOkyr/qlqowb0QfuTLTndwLtcj4EXEN6MwsgaVu0usAMbyu89QHnlAsiyF uzShmpmZj67iXyu0Ce+PgptGesF/3Te/bmzKqex6pnpAPqiWkqjdxQdBicY1tLvO i7MZGLX00C0wj25vKj/MHD5QeiGtpEU+hCTu8vjWcaX7K57M2JGYX0PB3F5YmDPk JYe89Bf5Iyjl1CnnRmxftw/a2sccC/ng8EQHA67oe8AVe29LBOyD7a3Rckfegy/q DJJ/VceP29+kKzVrLhtc6fcJvDX8Fd2qjV9zHQqiLjzclQDO2aoH6JvHcumK72K3 vjAnX0dmBeO7onZSoy5rCiOcu9R1P7Xf//VpgL9lSp2iJF9PTfOmTV2C/LGvjsgN W4YZG88YvoanEzmW2P8A0HY4cI/ZcXhbqHzKtvbkwNiunxMZKKh+GNdHLPM2/pAn F7EbDeTSWsOVVKSBArLYS5nhEF+2YsRSeqiVKT6GobG+dMpcxtICjj/mYDnmUy2e 9oD3RIFgB0iaFqCjp4jShAedlbHcbtHRMGtz5sQytm7pA8pJyrR125PaD/MxPuMO YnGLrtYW1HZviby7itFzacVWmw1ExsQDGfpyMt+f1H8ukmLwC/bA6GRsPgTdLJny aUqc6yQ03g1DJIa+jAFHTbb51v3HWg8= =xvVI -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----