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2022-05-10py: Add unittests.pyTomi Valkeinen
2022-05-10test: Add YamlParser testHan-Lin Chen
2022-01-19test: Ensure CameraTest tests are not run in parallelKieran Bingham
2021-12-11test: fence: Add test for the Fence classJacopo Mondi
2021-12-04libcamera: base: Rename FileDescriptor to SharedFDLaurent Pinchart
2021-12-03test: Add UniqueFD testLaurent Pinchart
2021-08-14test: gstreamer: Add test for gstreamer single streamVedant Paranjape
2021-08-03test: Add tests for the Flags classLaurent Pinchart
2021-06-25test: Ensure LIBCAMERA_BASE_PRIVATE isn't publicKieran Bingham
2021-06-25libcamera: rename public libcamera dependencyKieran Bingham
2021-06-25libcamera/base: Validate internal headers as privateKieran Bingham
2021-03-28meson: Summarize which applications and adaptation layers are builtLaurent Pinchart
2021-03-12test: delayed_controls: Rename delayed_contols.cpp to delayed_controls.cppNaushir Patuck
2021-02-04test: Add unit tests for the BayerFormat classSebastian Fricke
2021-01-29test: delayed_controls: Add test case for DelayedControlsNiklas Söderlund
2020-12-30meson: test: Simplify top level mesonKieran Bingham
2020-08-06test: mapped-buffers: Provide MappedBuffer testKieran Bingham
2020-07-31tests: Add a test case for the Object::deleteLater() API, to verifyUmang Jain
2020-07-28test: Remove list-cameras testLaurent Pinchart
2020-07-10tests: v4l2_compat: Add test for v4l2_compatPaul Elder
2020-06-25libcamera: pixel_format: Replace hex with format namesKaaira Gupta
2020-06-17tests: Introduce hotplug hot-unplug unit testUmang Jain
2020-05-13licenses: License all meson files under CC0-1.0Laurent Pinchart
2020-04-14test: Add File class testsLaurent Pinchart
2020-03-06test: Add Span testLaurent Pinchart
2020-01-12test: file_descriptor: Add testNiklas Söderlund
2019-11-20test: Add control serialization testJacopo Mondi
2019-11-20test: Add ByteStreamBuffer testLaurent Pinchart
2019-10-15libcamera: utils: Add hex stream output helperLaurent Pinchart
2019-08-19test: Get event dispatcher from current threadLaurent Pinchart
2019-08-17test: Add Timer thread move testLaurent Pinchart
2019-08-17test: Add EventNotifier thread move testLaurent Pinchart
2019-08-17test: Add Object class thread affinity testLaurent Pinchart
2019-08-17test: Add Object::invokeMethod() testLaurent Pinchart
2019-07-17test: logging: move logging tests to a subdirectoryPaul Elder
2019-07-17test: logging: add logging process testPaul Elder
2019-07-12libcamera: Add Process and ProcessManager classesPaul Elder
2019-07-12test: add logging API testPaul Elder
2019-07-11test: Add test case for signal delivery across threadsLaurent Pinchart
2019-07-11test: Add Message test caseLaurent Pinchart
2019-07-11test: Add Thread test casesLaurent Pinchart
2019-07-02libcamera: test: Add ControlValue testKieran Bingham
2019-07-02test: ipc: unix: Add test for IPCUnixSocketNiklas Söderlund
2019-06-19libcamera: Rename V4L2Device to V4L2VideoDeviceJacopo Mondi
2019-06-19test: stream: Add test for StreamFormatNiklas Söderlund
2019-06-12tests: Add CameraSensor class testLaurent Pinchart
2019-05-23meson: Create and use a dependency for libcamera and its headersLaurent Pinchart
2019-05-21test: ipa: add IPAModule testsPaul Elder
2019-04-18test: geometry: Add tests for Size class comparison operatorsLaurent Pinchart
2019-03-14test: camera: Add read default configuration testNiklas Söderlund